Thursday, May 14, 2009

The following is an excerpt from
the CEI Newsletter article
"Dolls Arrive in Africa"
by Elinor Davis

In the last issue of Life Times, we told you about the doll project at our Eastmont Center. Led by Activities Assistant Lillian Jackson, participants made and donated 50 sock dolls to Kids Haven, a home for abused and abandoned children in South Africa. Here is what the Haven staff wrote about this priceless gift from the American “gogos,” a South African word for “grannies.”

Children from Kids Haven in South Africa cuddle
the dolls made by the PACE Center participants
Photo by CEI

“Thank you to our dearest friends at the Centre for Elders!!! [for] the most beautiful hand-made dolls sent all the way from America. We were completely overwhelmed by the intricate detail, character and care that was taken in each of the beautiful dolls. Our children were overwhelmed when they were told they could each choose their very own friend, made lovingly just especially for them.

The special dolls are also used in our therapy rooms and have been a huge comfort already to a number of children when they are afraid and unable to talk. The children communicate through the dolls to the therapist, it allows them time to get to know the therapist and understand that not all adults are bad. The dolls bring a special kind of comfort and security and will no doubt be a tremendous source of strength and joy for our children into the future!”